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Zaher is the founder of ZeeAnswers in 2022 and currently operates as specialist in digital marketing, blogging, and loves teaching folks’ new things to help beginners start and monetize their own business

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  • Life is short; keep doing what you love.

  • Never get affected by negative people.

  • Give the correct info.

  • Be honest and never spam.

Is blogging still profitable?

If you want to read a short answer, a big yes, it is.

Blogging is not only an art of writing words but also an art of mixing many income streams together.

In my blog, I teach beginners how to build a new business. I still consider myself one of them, the humble people who have dreams to achieve.

Who is Zaher Zaidan and what does he do?

This is me, Zaher Zaidan, Someone that comes from a small country, Lebanon. I launched this blog Zeeanswers.com in 2022.

At that time, I was wondering if it was too late to run a blog. I was also hesitant to launch something that was not my specialization.

I asked myself, what makes someone who has a master’s degree in English literature talk about technical issues and blogging?

The answer was “HOPE”.

Then I realized that I could learn, ask questions, get answers, and use these answers to help people achieve their goals. From here came the domain name: Zee (Zaher) Answers.

I want to thank those people who gave me hope that I’m passing to you now. People who taught me through their blogs and video channels that nothing is impossible under the sun.

Can I help you make money?

When you read my posts, you’ll definitely find real answers about real-life case studies. Every word is intended to help people from the step-by-step “how to start a blog that generates money” to more complicated on-page SEO tips, to the most asked questions in SEO, to the technical issues and how to solve them.

Zeeanswers is a real place to help you rank on Google and other search engines.

You’ll notice how these articles cover the subjects in depth.

Success stories?

As someone whose intention is to help others, my main success is when I see positive comments below my posts.

I also run many affiliate programs and I teach how to promote them.

So far, my blog is performing very well and it’s progressing continuously, so keep following, and learning almost every day.

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