Blog traffic for beginners: how to get 1000 daily visitors


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Let’s talk as friends. How many times in your life have you read or heard the phrase “blog traffic” so far?

more than your name, right?

You find it on blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media, and everywhere.

You’ll see it a lot around here.

But why is that?

I assure you that it is not for show.

It’s the only thing that makes your business successful, even when you fail to complete the other tasks that help grow your career.

Let’s give an example.

You can simply sell a product if you have 1000 daily visitors, but you can’t get a penny if no one is visiting your site.

Assume you’ve done everything correctly, from on-page, off-page, and technical SEO , but your blog is still hidden in the shadows. What now?

Blog traffic is the key to success, and all the practices you perform are for the sake of growing this traffic.

This post is not a step-by-step tutorial on all the practices needed to increase blog traffic, but it marks the best do’s in order to be on the right track and get results from day one.

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If you’re still unsure, write down the coming steps, implement them on your blog, check your results after one week, and thank me later.

How to get blog traffic as a beginner?

Beginners’ life is hell.

Yes, I was there before, stuck for months trying to figure out what worked better to grow my traffic and what I needed to stop doing.

I made a lot of mistakes.

Guess what?

My first visitor was like Santa. Even when I discovered it was a bot (shame on me), I told myself, “Come on, buddy, it’s a sign, somebody (something) is visiting us, hooray!”

To be honest, getting blog traffic is not something you cannot achieve even as a beginner.

Although you have and will have times of frustration and uncertainty about whether to go on or quit this job (blogging), it’s better to understand why most people find it almost impossible to grow their blog traffic while others get thousands of visitors daily.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you from my experience that getting traffic itself is not hard, but the work you need to do behind the scenes is.

Getting blog traffic requires hard work, that’s it.

Whatever tactics you implement, you should sacrifice your time and effort to climb the ladder of success.

Now let’s dive more deeply into some tips and find out how to get 1,000 daily visitors.

In this post, I’ll also provide links to the best blogging tips posts in order to help you grow your business easily.

Be consistent with blogging

Writing sentences is easy; blogging is another thing.

Don’t fool yourself by saying I can be a blogger if you only think that blogging is typing a few hundred words.

However, I’m not saying this to demotivate you; my only concern is to keep you on the right track and prevent you from quitting while you can be a successful blogger.

The first thing is to know “what blogging is,” and then move on to the next step: consistency with blogging.

We all fail to be consistent as bloggers for many reasons, and this is one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid making.

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To be consistent in blogging does not mean to post daily but to follow a schedule and stick to it.

The best thing to do is to plan for one year of blog posts, create a calendar to choose the dates, and write some posts in advance to keep yourself on the safe side.

By doing this, you tell your visitors that they can always expect to read a fresh post on certain days.

People, as well as search engines, love fresh content. For this reason, keep pushing and never lift your foot off the pedal; otherwise, you’ll have to start over from the pit stop. (If you’re not a fan of Formula 1, you can start over from scratch.)


How to blog consistently even when life is busy

Be productive to get more blog traffic

Being a blogger is not the same as being a productive blogger.

Only productive bloggers know how and where they bring traffic to their blogs.

And you… Never underestimate yourself.

By learning how to become a productive blogger, you will be able to avoid all blogging mistakes and turn your brain into writing mode.

Once you get into the mode, you’ll produce more posts, which means that more traffic is on the way.

Then, blogging will become a habit.

Being productive lets you publish more quality posts, which in turn brings more traffic and, eventually, more revenue.

After finishing this post, think about how often you publish and ask yourself:

  • Are you sticking to a publishing schedule?
  • Do you know what your next blog post will be about?
  • Do you know where to find content ideas?
  • Do you use a to-do list?
  • How many tasks do you do while writing? Are you a multitasker?
  • Where do you promote your posts?

Write down every answer. Read this post to help you become a new version of yourself and change your way of thinking.

When you become a productive blogger, you’ll change the formula from “publish and pray” (Brian Dean’s quote) to “publish and get more blogging traffic.”

Give it all that you can

If you don’t know the number, there are 600 million websites on the internet, and this number is constantly increasing.

According to web tribunal, over 2 million blog posts are published on daily basis.

I assume you caught me.

Because the competition is ruthless, what you need to accomplish goes much beyond coming up with appealing phrases and catchy titles.

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work harder to get more traffic

You must give it all you can, and believe me, you can do more than you even know you can.

Getting blog traffic requires working hard for hours, especially for newbies.

Don’t believe those marketers who sell illusions.

They tell you that by purchasing this or doing that, you are going to be rich in two months.

Of course, you need tools and products to help grow your blog, but you also need to wake up and understand how things work.

You need a lot of working hours to drive traffic to your blog; in other words, no pain, no gain.

You also need a reasonable number and quality of visitors in order to make money blogging.

To sum up, work hard to get traffic and stop wasting time in order to reach 1,000 daily visitors, and once you get this number (even below it), I guarantee your products and services will be easily sold to your loyal audience.

Once you start treating your blog as a career and start writing as if you were selling your articles to a highly demanding person, you’ll start seeing progress.

When you write, give it your best.

Write the best content, choose the best images, and promote as much as you can because your posts will last forever on the Internet.

Learn growing traffic tactics and implement them.

And now that you have learned how to be consistent and productive, traffic is no longer far away. 

It only needs some extra work, and getting 1,000 daily visitors is no longer a dream (although some may find it a small number).

Now you need to learn how to promote your posts and get more than 1,000 daily visitors.

You have to keep learning and developing new strategies in order to reach as many people as possible.

It’s time to use the 20/80 rule.

You should spend 20% of your time writing and 80% promoting.

Promote on all platforms that allow promoting.

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Don’t forget to build your email list and send emails to thousands of people.

And if you’re not sure why it’s so critical, this is why every blogger needs an email list.

Learn SEO and apply on-page, off-page, and technical SEO methods to improve your chances of ranking high in SERPs and receiving more organic traffic.

Always run a site audit every couple of weeks to make sure your website is running smoothly and to enhance the user experience.

If you’d like to do the site audit yourself, get my free site audit e-book, which will take you gradually through the whole process.

My last piece of advice is to always be honest with your audience to build trust and authority.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

With honesty, your blog traffic will turn into loyal customers who won’t abandon your site.

That’s a lot of work to do, as I honestly told you, but believe me, it’s worth it.


Blog traffic is a cumulative process.

The more you build blocks, the more traffic will come.

To get 1,000 visitors, you must consistently post more high-quality content.

Believe in yourself, my friend.

Those who succeeded are not smarter than you, but they gave their businesses a lot of their time and treated it as a real career.

Always learn to be a productive blogger who always tries to find new methods, set goals, and make plans in advance.

It’s your turn now

Promise yourself to be successful first and tell me:

Are you going to apply the steps above to your life and blog

Was this post helpful? If yes, why don’t you spread the word?

Until next time


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