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Chatsonic interface

Chatsonic review, what is Chatsonic

You are about to read a Chatsonic review, but do you know what the silliest thing is? 

We are reviewing a tool that may take our jobs and leave us looking for other ways to save our careers.

We are like employees recommending other employees to our bosses. What’s worse? These new employees are our competitors, but with more skills and capabilities.


The thing that I’m really astonished by may take my place and kick me out of the game.

But wait! What I’m really sure of is that whatever status technology will reach, nothing will take the place of human touch or human feelings.

Do you believe you can fall in love with a robot? or even give it a hug? OMG! How stupid we are when we blindly trust clever things.

Back to the Chatsonic review.

Chatsonic is an AI-powered chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) to help you write unique and non-plagiarized content. 

It is designed to be an alternative to Chatgpt. On purpose or not, that’s not important.

Chatgpt is a popular AI writing model published in December 2022 and has hugely advanced capabilities like providing accurate information, creating art from texts, and many more tasks.

One of the best features of Chatsonic is its natural language understanding.

It can understand natural language, allowing it to be a conversational and fluid AI chatbot like no other. Other features will be discussed later in this post.

Chatsonic Review, Video Demo

What can Chatsonic do?

In brief, Chatsonic can answer any question you have. It also preserves the context of your conversations and remembers your questions.

Chatsonic capabilities

Let’s dive into the capabilities of Chatsonic and see why it is the most powerful tool.

1- Write factual content on the latest topics

Unlike Chatgpt, which is pre-trained and provided with data that goes back to 2021, Chatsonic has integrated Google search into its chatbot to provide hyper-relevant content on any given topic, so you can always stay up to date.

Chatsonoc chat box with a button to include latest Google data

For example, you can write factual content about the latest technologies, product reviews, political news, current events, and more. 

Chatsonic will make sure you are always up to date on the latest topics and provide you with accurate and informative content.

Write any question about any trending topic on Google, and Chatsonic will give you an accurate answer in a glimpse.

2- Create digital art and visuals for any purpose

Chatsonic is a great tool for generating art from texts. It uses advanced technologies to create art from a text prompt.

All you have to do is provide a text prompt, and ChatSonic will generate an AI-generated art piece from it.

The more descriptive your text is, the better the art will be.

Quick examples of what Chatsonic can do

Additionally, ChatSonic can also create unique artwork from voice commands.

By talking to the chatbot, you can provide more detailed instructions for the AI to create more accurate art.

Furthermore, Chatsonic is designed with an easy-to-use interface, and all you need to do is write in the chat box or give voice commands.

3- Give voice commands instead of typing

“Voice commands” is a built-in feature of Chatsonic.

This means that there is no need to type a text message to make a request. You simply need to give orders to Chatsonic, and you will receive the results.

When was the last time you gave orders and got answers? Married people, why have you turned your faces away?

This AI tool uses NLP (natural language processing), which gives it the ability to understand spoken words and texts the same way human beings can.

It also remembers your conversations and questions and chooses a tone based on the data collected from your conversations.

Create stunning images

One of the features I like about Chatsonic is its ability to turn any text into art.

Although this is not new in the AI world, and many tools can do this, Chatsonic’s integration with Google Search will give you the newest data and thus the most updated images.

On the other hand, pre-trained tools such as Chatgpt are not so accurate in this field because they use data that goes back to 2021 and are limited.

With Chatsonic, you stand out in your marketing campaigns by turning text into art (AI art).

Other Chatsonic use cases

Chatsonic can also be used to create use cases for emails, articles, essays, ads, social media posts, answers, and product reviews.

It is a cost-effective automation solution as compared to other AI writing tools like Jasper. It offers a free 2,500-word trial and does not require a credit card.

The best part of my experience with it is when I generate my Facebook and LinkedIn posts, bios, Twitter tweets, and Quora answers. You’ll notice an overflow of traffic that you were unable to generate easily and quickly. (I got 38% more visitors in a week)

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How to start using Chatsonic

Chatsonic is a product created by Writesonic, one of the market’s top AI writers.

Signing up with Writesonic gives you access to all the tools that the platform offers. (We’ll discuss most of them later in this post.)

The easiest way is to sign in using your Google account or any email address.

Writesonic sign in interface

After signing in, you’ll be redirected to the WriteSonic library, where you can see all the templates and other features this amazing tool can offer.

Choose Chatsonic, and you’re ready to see magic.

Writesonic library main page

Once you land on the Chatsonic chat page, you can start asking questions either by typing or by using voice commands.

You will find out that this chatbot is capable of doing everything except choosing the right soulmate for you. (I’m not sure if this option will be available later)

You have 2500 to use for free, limited to 25 queries, and this is more than enough to explore the tool before you decide whether to upgrade to a paid plan or not.

Chatsonic reviews

My audience knows well that I do not recommend something that isn’t worth it, at least to me.

However, supporting my review with other reviews may provide more clarification.

These Chatsonic reviews are taken from Trustpilot, one of the best online review communities (it detects fake reviews)

Chatsonic review by trustpilot

And here’s another one

Chatsonis review

Honestly, this is not to say that there aren’t bad reviews, everything gets bad reviews, but overall, most Chatsonic reviews show how magnificent this tool is and why you should consider using it when you need to choose among AI tools.

Speaking of bad reviews, try telling an iPhone fanatic to write a review about Samsung or Huawei. (I am not a fan of the three.)

You got it, right?

Pros and cons

Let’s discover the ups and downs of Chatsonic.

Pros of Chatsonic:

1- AI-powered text quick generation capabilities

The latest advancements in AI make it possible to have a natural conversation with Chatsonic. The bot can remember the conversations and produce unique and well-thought-out responses in no time.

I wish we were able to update our wives so we could have a natural conversation. (Just kidding! Anyway, you won’t know her email address)

2- Text-to-art generation

One of the coolest features, in my opinion, is the art integration. You can ask Chatsonic to produce a piece of AI art by just describing the unique art you want to see.

3- Natural language understanding (NLP)

Needless to say, Chatsonic can understand natural language, making it a conversational and fluid AI chatbot. (My cat says that this is a lie, meowing doesn’t work)

4- Content creation.

You can use Chatsonic to create written content, such as song lyrics, to tell jokes, write blog posts, or predict the weather (I can see you typing “what’s the weather like in …”)

Stay with me; I need to finish.

5- Cost-effective automation

Writesonic and Chatsonic have really affordable pricing models as opposed to tools like Jasper or others. We’ll discuss this later, so put your credit card back into your wallet.

Cons of Chatsonic:

1- AI image generation is not as accurate as expected

Images with words and logos usually tend to make no sense when you take a closer look, but overall, they are good.

This feature is available and works well, but it is neither perfect nor competitive with specialized tools. This doesn’t mean that if you ask for an HD image of Barack Obama, you’ll get an image of Samuel Eto’o. Come on.

2- Limited to 2,500 words with the free trial

Some AI tools are always free, but they are not as accurate as Chatsonic.

On the other hand, these tools, like Chatgpt and others, are limited and not integrated with Google Search to deliver updated information.

I think that the free trial is enough (I know we always want more free stuff) to understand the capabilities of the bot.

3- Chatsonic AI is not as powerful and comprehensive as other AI writing tools

In terms of writing and answering queries, Chatbot works amazingly, but for writing blog posts and other long forms, you need to go for other Writesonic options like AI Article Writer 4.0 or 3.0.

These writers can write long, premium, and SEO-friendly blogs in 4 steps.

Without using these options, Chatsonic is not as powerful as Jasper or CopyAI.

Chatsonic vs Chatgpt- Quick comparison

After using both tools, here’s a quick comparison between Chatsonic and Chatgpt.

Both of these chatbots are useful for producing content, but each offers unique features that set them apart.

We will explore why Chatsonic is the best Chatgpt alternative around.

Chatgpt has been trained on data sets up to 2021 and is not configured to explore the internet for current events and trends. It, too, is a text-based language model that cannot recognize voice instructions.

Chatsonic AI, on the other hand, is powered by Google Search and offers more powerful and comprehensive features.

It can produce factual and real-time material, recognize voice instructions, convert text into digital artwork and images, and much more.

It has been designed to help you create unique blog entries, social media updates, summaries, and copies.

In addition, Chatsonic is a great tool for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to produce high-quality documents.

It is user-friendly and provides helpful features such as:

  • Text-to-image generator
  • Speech command recognition
  • Personalized avatars.

Lastly, Chatgpt is still free in its beta version (I think I’m going to update this post very soon), whereas Chatsonic offers up to 2,500 free words of content.

With Chatsonic, you can create creative pieces that are based on current events and reliable facts.

So if you are looking for a powerful and comprehensive alternative to Chatgpt, Chatsonic AI is a perfect choice.

Try Chatsonic today and see how it can help you get the most out of your content creation.

Chatsonic is Writesonic’s masterpiece

As mentioned before, Chatsonic has been designed by Writesonic, an AI-leading company.

Writesonic is a powerful AI writing and image generation platform with a mission to revolutionize content creation.

It is capable of generating unique and non-plagiarized content in no time. The program lets organizations and individuals focus on other areas of their projects by reducing the cost and time required for content development.

Natural language comprehension, text-to-art production, content creation, and cost-effective automation are all aspects of Writesonic AI Writer.

It has an extensive library of pre-written content and templates to make content creation easier.

The software also comes with a summarizing tool, a paraphrasing tool, a text expander, and a content shortener.

It is also integrated with SEO and keywords to make sure your content is optimized for search, and the interface is straightforward and easy to use.

Overall, Writesonic AI Writer is a great content creation platform that can save businesses and individuals time and money. It is user-friendly and has a range of useful features to make content creation easier.

Why choose the Writsonic AI writer if Chatsonic exists?

Writesonic and Chatsonic are both tools of the same company, but they work differently.

The main difference between Writesonic AI Writer and Chatsonic is that Writesonic AI Writer is an AI writing tool, while Chatsonic is an AI-powered chatbot.

Writesonic AI Writer is used to generate content in written form, while Chatsonic is used to generate content in a conversational form.

For instance, if you want to create a blog post, you would use Writesonic AI Writer to generate the content for you. If you want to have a conversation about a certain topic, you can use Chatsonic to generate natural language responses.

Writesonic is more relevant because you feed the tool with keywords that you need to use. In this way, blog posts are more accurate and more relevant to your niche.

It only takes 4 steps to generate a 1500-words blog post with writesonic 3.0 (3 steps with 4.0, 3000 words).

These steps are:

  • Get ideas
  • Get intro
  • Get outline
  • Get article

You are given the ability to choose the quality type that provides economy, average, good, and premium writing.

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Writesonic plans

The pricing plans vary depending on the quality of the content you choose and the number of words you want to generate.

Chatsonic review, pricing

The free trial plan gives you access to 2,500 words of content.

The short-form plan is $12.67 per month and gives you access to 12,000 words of premium content, 47500 words of good content, 95,000 words of average content, and 190,000 words of economy content.

The long-term plan is $32.67 per month and gives you access to 75,000 words of premium content, 187,500 words of good content, 375,000 words of average content, and 750,000 words of economy content.

It’s now up to you to calculate how many blog posts you can generate by spending a few bucks.


Chatsonic is an AI chatbot system designed to offer accurate and up-to-date information in a short amount of time.

Using this type of technology is one of the techniques for writing killer blog posts in no time.

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let chatsonic do the work for you quickly

It is designed for companies, developers, and content producers that want to use AI to build dynamic and engaging conversational experiences.

This bot performs additional tasks than Chatgpt, such as:

  • Providing up-to-date information on current events
  • Creating art from words
  • Recognizing voice instructions

Chatsonic is a low-cost and superb AI writing tool that offers a free trial of up to 2,500 words.

All you need to do is sign up and use it to understand how it can help.

As I always recommend, use AI writers and chatbots to help you write, not to take your job.

After all, bots will not provide your readers with to writan honest human sense.

Now, after this Chatsonic review, are you going to use Chatsonic? Let’s know and share our experience in the comments section.


What are chatbots used for?

Chatbots are primarily used to allow companies to easily resolve many types of customer queries and issues while reducing the need for human interaction

Is WriteSonic any good?

Yes, Writesonic is a great tool for creating unique and non-plagiarized content. It uses the latest AI technology to generate original content that is free from errors and plagiarism. It can also help you efficiently manage your content creation process and optimize your content for SEO.

What is Chatsonic?

Chatsonic is an AI chatbot that uses the latest and most advanced natural language processing technology to answer your questions accurately and informatively. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific topic or need help with a general query, Chatsonic will definitely assist you. It can also help you write unique and non-plagiarized content.

What is chatgpt?

Chatgpt is an AI chatbot technology ( published in December 2022) that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 algorithm to generate accurate and relevant text, codes, and more.

What distinguishes Chatsonic from Chatgpt?

The main difference between Chatsonic and Chatgpt is that Chatsonic offers more advanced capabilities like up-to-date information on current events, creating art from texts, and understanding voice commands.

Who is Chatsonic intended for?

Chatsonic is intended for businesses, developers, and content creators. It is also useful for those who need up-to-date and accurate content in a short amount of time.

Is Chatsonic free to use?

Chatsonic is free to use for up to 2,500 words. After the free trial, it is a paid service.


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