15 easy places to find content ideas for your blog


How to find content ideas for your blog

You probably thought it was easy to find content ideas for your blog when you first started your business.

Don’t be shy. I did as well.

It happens to every one of us that sometimes we face a shortage of ideas. I once stayed three days without getting even one.

Why does this happen?

When it comes to finding an idea for a blog, we do look for an idea that matches our niche first. Moreover, the content we are providing should be interesting to our audience and entertaining.

We should also be looking for content ideas to assist in advertising our blog and to help attract new visitors.

You can guarantee that your blog will remain alive and relevant for years to come by investigating different content ideas and coming up with ideas that you feel will be beneficial for your site.

You may lack inspiration due to spending too much time at your desk and staring at a screen. Putting your hands on your head will not solve the problem.

In this post, I’ll show you how to dig under the surface and find as many content ideas as you can.

Let’s start

1-Clear your head

When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it can be hard to clear your head and get focused. Here are some tips to help you clear your head and get focused:

  1. Take a break. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break from your work or tasks to relax.
  2. Get outside. Get some fresh air and walk in the natural surroundings. This can help you clear your head and get focused.
  3. Listen to music
  4. Stop thinking.
  5. Some meditation

When you clear your head, you’ll find some content ideas that were hidden inside.

2-Ask your audience

Crowdsourcing content ideas from your followers may be accomplished by asking your readers to comment on your emails or tweets.

Many successful freelance bloggers and membership company owners place great value on reader interaction and community-driven content.

Request feedback from your readers on what they would want to read more of, and then provide it. Though it appears simple, shockingly few people really do it.

You are more likely to obtain feedback if your blog has a comment section where people may leave comments. While most of the comments will be positive (or negative), you may sometimes receive queries. Some of these questions may be straightforward to respond to, while others may be off-topic or require explanation. Such inquiries are excellent starting points for your next work.

3-Keep a list of ideas

What happens when you lack inspiration?

Scratching your head is no longer working in this situation, am I right? Well, don’t panic. Play it smart.

You have to be prepared very well for those moments. Having a debit card loaded with ideas is priceless.

Whenever you get an idea, write it down or save it on your phone, because, believe me, you’re going to need it.

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4-Google search

Everyone with a strong SEO plan has done adequate keyword research. As a result, you should have a document with hundreds of terms and phrases that you want to rank for. Of course, a keyword isn’t yet a topic for a post, but it’s a start.

Take a look at one of your long-tail keywords. What do people discover when they search for that precise term?

Check it out now!

Go to Google and type in “how to make money.” Do you see the results? That will be the contest. Is it worth it? Could you do better? Perhaps the results will inspire you to write something similar that matches the research results. However, if you’re certain that it still serves the user’s objective, aiming to build something that stands out might be a strategy.

5-Ask yourself

The first ideas that you should go through are merely the first ideas that come into your brain.

Ask your brain, what questions should I ask if I were an answer seeker? What are my intentions and queries?

How many times during your business did you fail to do something? Many, right?

How many questions have you asked people about a problem that you have and that you need someone to solve?

These questions are definitely content ideas to put on your list, and as long as you are working, you’ll find these sorts of ideas.

6-Spy on your competitors

Do you think that with almost 600 million blogs and over 1.7 billion websites, everyone has their own idea? If you think a whole year about something that you feel is unique and nobody has ever thought of it, just do a small search on Google to see that it really exists.

I’m telling you this because I want to prove that we all take ideas from the same stream, pick fruits from the same garden, and drink from the same river.

Peering out at competitors’ blogs is something we all do. That’s how we find content ideas. Don’t hesitate because your competitors will do the same to you.

Subscribe to newsletters in your favorite blogs so you never miss a post.

Borrow some ideas that you need to deliver to your audience.

Keep in mind that we are borrowing ideas, not stealing content, so make changes, optimize again, and publish.

find content ideas in social media


My favorite

Quora is the biggest Q&A (questions and answers) site on earth. 300 million visitors per month visit the platform to ask questions and find answers.

It is the first place you visit when a question pops into your head.

Quora is a high-quality search engine equipped with all sorts of questions and answers that can provide you with countless content ideas for your blog. Isn’t it amazing?

These are the individuals for whom you are generating material, so they may advise you on their present requirements and expectations of you as a creator.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. It’s not a sin to get feedback from others and be inspired. On the contrary, your audience will enjoy the fact that you are interested in their opinions.

This is how to use Quora for getting massive traffic


What is better than a platform (with 153 million monthly visits) that allows you to post on it for free?

Medium is a blogging platform that was founded in 2012 and has seen its market share increase dramatically throughout the years.

Newbies and professionals post their content there in order to drive traffic to their posts by taking part in social media activities.

On Facebook, for instance, there are many groups and pages related to Medium bloggers. They allow you to post your Medium posts even in the comment section and ask for claps, reading and following. The more claps you get, the more likely your post will be seen by others.

In addition, it is a win-win situation because people will comment on your posts by inserting their post links, they’ll get traffic, and you’ll find more content ideas.

9-Trending topics

There are several methods for determining what is trending online, as well as techniques for determining what people really look for in relation to specific subjects of interest.

Using these trends to generate article ideas is a good strategy for increasing traffic by staying ahead of the curve. Here are a few resources to assist you:

  • Google Trends: Figure out what topics are trending over a specific timeframe.
  • BuzzSumo: Enter a keyword to find out who ranks and what they’re writing about.
  • AnswerThePublic: Enter any term and get a huge list of synonyms and related terms that people actually search for.
  • Exploding Topics: Discover niche ideas before they explode into mainstream trends.

10-Online groups and pages

Whenever you find groups and pages, try to make relationships first, get trusted, and start to add value to the place. Only after that are you allowed to post your content.

Share in all the social media groups and pages within your niche and find content ideas for your blog.

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This is absolutely one of the loveliest places I always visit and rely on. The eye-catching slides make people more engaged in reading.

All you need to do is to put your words into slides. You can do it by using Canva.

Slideshare is a great way to find content ideas as well as to get traffic to your website. You can use it to share your latest blog posts, blog articles, photos, and videos.

  1. Sign up for a Slideshare account.
  2. Upload your content.
  3. Share your content.
  4. Get traffic to your website.
  5. Find content ideas in your niche.


The second-largest search engine in the world is YouTube, specializing in video sharing, with more than 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute and two billion users every month.

Do I need to continue? You’ve got the idea.

When we talk about finding content ideas, YouTube is a gold mine. Whether from watching videos or from YouTube trending,

The Trending section of YouTube. This is a different part of YouTube that provides a wide selection of videos ranked by popularity that are currently trending in your country. The area is updated every 15 minutes, so you’ll always find the most recent hits.

13-Social media

Although some were mentioned before, it’s of great importance to find content ideas on social media and turn this into a habit. I do this daily using:




Pinterest search


Reddit is a useful resource. On the website, you may learn just about everything about anything. Check out what others are saying about your industry. The most active products should be your priority. You should focus your content on covering such topics.

On Reddit, you’ll find subreddits for everything you think of. Try to engage with others by upvoting or downvoting their comments and posts.

It is very important to Reddit is very sensitive to links, and if you are still new to the platform, you may find your posts removed once you post them.

Concentrate on adding value, getting more karma, reading others’ posts, and getting hundreds of ideas every day.


Forums are discussion places that serve as Q&A platforms. It is where people read, ask questions, discuss thoughts, and exchange knowledge.

Make a habit of spending a few minutes a day and involving yourself in discussions to get some ideas.

Bonus tip

PLR articles are also a great source of content ideas as well as blog posts. They are affordable and need some modifications to craft great unique articles out of them. To learn more about PLR articles, read ” How to use PLR articles for your blog content?”

Quick note: There are many other places on the net to find content ideas, but I chose the easiest for you


Finding a content idea for your blog is the bedrock of the post. You cannot write without ideas. But sometimes we lose concentration and sometimes control, and we find ourselves struggling to determine what we want. We fall into a lack of inspiration because we get tired and exhausted from thinking.

To manage not to stay in this negative state, we must be armed with a list of content ideas for those days and dig more under the surface, not deep, to find our content ideas in many places, from social media and many other platforms, all for free.

Now it’s your turn to turn your content ideas into topics. Learn how to do SEO before you publish your topic.

Do you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments section, and spread the word.


How to generate content ideas with topic research?

There are many places you can search for content ideas like Google, Quora, Reddit search, and forums.

Are there any content topic generators to use?

There is plenty. Many companies offer content topic generators whether for free or paid. visit the following sites and check them out:

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