How to plan 1 year of (52) blog post ideas in a day


Are you often at a loss for blog post ideas? Want to create a blog content strategy for the entire year? Then keep reading to learn how to plan one year’s worth of blog post ideas in a day.

Bloggers, beginners, in particular, have many difficulties coming up with new ideas every week (I am supposing that we normally publish a post on a weekly schedule).

plan a year of blog post ideas

Sometimes you face what is called “writer’s block,” and other times you find a bunch of ideas but get confused about which one to prioritize and write about first. This confusion leads to more frustration and time waste, which in turn decreases your outcome and income accordingly.

So, what to do?

The only rational way to break this silence is to be prepared and armed with a rigid plan a year in advance.

Sounds crazy right?

Believe me, it is not that difficult.

Just think about this

How much time and effort do you save when you start writing your post by crafting your outline first?

A lot, right?

Let’s apply the same strategy to coming up with and planning for a whole year of blog post ideas.

Specify a free day for yourself only

When I write my posts, I sit in my “restricted area,” where nobody is allowed to trespass. It sounds mean to you, but as long as there is time for family, your job is also a priority in order to feed it and raise your children properly.

To plan for a whole year of blog post ideas, you need to specify a day for yourself only. This day may include an outside walk for meditation, then coming back to your “private property,” isolating yourself, and starting to craft your yearly plan.

Prepare your yearly calendar

Everything should start with a plan, and the bedrock of your plan is creating a calendar. You don’t have to be an expert in Excel or other programs; even a handwritten one works.

Open an Excel sheet and enter the months in the correct order.

Under each month, write the four days that are suitable for writing (one day per week). This will be the outline of your calendar, which is now ready to accept your most important data.

Search for important dates and highlight them

Throughout the coming year, many days will have a special “taste.” These days will be targeted by marketers, bloggers, and other website owners who want to promote their products and services.

Marketers, for example, eagerly await Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve to promote their physical and digital products.

Bloggers also have products to sell like e-books, affiliate products, and physical products as well.

Make a list of these days to add your related content ideas later.

Brainstorm ideas about essential dates

You can write for Mother’s Day and sell an e-book. You can also write for Valentine’s Day and promote many products.

After you’ve chosen your important dates, it’s time to find content ideas that are related to them and add them to the calendar under each date. You may come up with different ideas, but you can’t use them all. In this case, choose the best ones and save the others for another time (maybe next year).

You have endless choices to write about and promote.

Now, you know the dates and the blog post ideas, keep them on your draft list and move on to the next step.

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Choose your categories

Dividing your posts into categories is not only a great way to organize your work but also helps search engines understand what your blog is all about.

If you haven’t chosen your categories yet, stop working on your calendar for a while and start categorizing your content according to the topics you chose to write about.

For instance, I’m in the digital marketing niche, and my categories are blogging, email marketing, AI, and affiliate marketing.

You may at any time decide to add a category, and it’s better done before setting up your calendar to be more organized for the whole year.

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Having four to five categories on a blog is a great way to help your readers find what they’re looking for easily, and search engines understand your blog through this organized site structure.

The best way to categorize your posts is to use the Yoast plugin, which allows you to create categories and tags along with many other SEO-related features.

Divide the 52 posts by the number of categories

Suppose that you have four categories on your blog. This means that you need to divide the 52 weeks (one post per week) by four. You get 13 posts per category, and this is another step forward in building up your calendar.

You may find out that you need to add more posts per specific category, and in this case, either choose a date to write more than one post or manipulate numbers in a way that keeps your plan working properly.

Keep in mind that you can be flexible sometimes if it doesn’t hurt your timetable or negatively affect your performance.

Insert the essential dates ideas into your calendar

After choosing the special dates, it’s time to take another step in putting the jigsaw puzzle pieces together.

Insert your blog post ideas from your draft paper into your calendar. You are now on your way to filling the blank spaces in the calendar one after another.

Put the right post ideas in the right categories and get ready for the next step.

Brainstorm blog post ideas to complete your calendar

Let’s summarize what we have done so far.

  • We picked up the important dates in the coming year
  • We brainstormed ideas related to these days
  • Categorized our topics
  • and got to know the number of posts needed for each category
  • Inserted the essential dates post ideas into our calendar

It is now obvious how many posts we need to complete each category. For example, if we have already chosen 3 posts per category specialized for the important dates, then 10 more posts per category need to be filled in.

It’s time to find content ideas that cover your topics, and this is the most time-consuming part. Select a category and start looking for what your readers need to know. If you find it difficult to come up with ideas, consider reading this post to help you get lots of them.

Choose the best ideas and, again, keep the extra ones for another time.

Add your blog post ideas to the calendar

Fill in the blanks.

This statement reminds you of those days at school.

Dammit, how nostalgic I am.

Anyway, keep focusing on me now.

Just fill in the blanks with suitable blog post ideas. Do not think about the titles you need to choose for each post because many changes will happen in the coming year.

These changes include search intent, search volume, keyword ranking, and more. A keyword search volume may vary a lot within a year, and that’s why all you need to do is write your topic ideas in your calendar and choose your headlines at the time of writing your posts.

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how to plan a year of blog post ideas

Stick it to the wall

What’s better than having a plan for 52 blog posts ready to use?

You can now congratulate yourself on this great achievement. Print off your calendar on an A3 piece of paper or bigger, stick it to the wall where you write, and enjoy a full year of organized thoughts and work.

Now tell me, when are you going to stick your plan on the wall? Will it be your goal for the new year? I will be more than happy to read your comments below.

Until next time


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