How to use PLR articles for your blog content?


PLR articles- General Overview

In this post, you are going to read about PLR articles, their uses, advantages, legitimacy, and where to find them.

Do you usually find yourself stuck and run out of content ideas? Don’t worry. Even experts do.

To be honest, this happens more often to beginners who are still learning about the topic they want to write about or who want to write as many posts in their first blogging stages to grab attention and build their audience.

For those people, PLR articles are a goldmine. It’s a digging-without-sweating job. What’s more satisfying than getting fresh pieces of content that are ready to use whenever and in whatever style?

Moreover, the best part is that they can, without feeling guilty, claim these articles as their own.

What are PLR articles?

PLR stands for “private label rights.” This acronym may not be widely known for beginners, but surprisingly, most of today’s experts have used PLR articles at least once in their blogging careers. These articles are simply pre-written pieces of content that you can buy and reuse freely. (Some call them DFY, Done For You)

This means that you don’t only buy the product; you also have the right to use it, change it, and convert it to as many formats as your imagination can take you. You can use it as a blog post, or convert it into video, audio, and email.

This process is not as easy as it seems. Getting PLR articles is the easiest part of the process but what comes next should be carefully dealt with. In other words, it’s not just copy-and-paste, it’s an act of turning these articles into valuable, unique posts.

Ask yourself before you buy

Laziness is another term for failure. If you are not willing to make changes to your purchased PLR article, you are probably throwing your money in the wind.

Think about this

How many people have purchased the same piece or pack? How many of them have just copied and pasted it as it is without modifying it? And the biggest question is, “How many have published the same content months (or even years) before you did?”

These are the questions that you need to answer before getting into using PLR articles and losing your money and time.

Don’t fret. In this post, we will be discussing the best techniques to overcome these obstacles and get the most out of PLR articles.

Why use PLR?

PLR is very beneficial to:

  • Create Fresh Blog Posts very often
  • Eliminate Writer’s Block
  • Reduce search time and brainstorming
  • Stick To Your Publishing Schedule
  • Keep Your Readers hooked on your blog
  • Create e-books to sell them.
  • Increase your email list addresses
  • Build brand awareness on social media
  • Save money that one may pay for ghostwriting
PLR articles are cheaper than ghostwriting

Is it legal or cheating?

Short answer? Not at all.

But if we are talking about authenticity, then we need to have another approach.

You can claim ownership of the content, but you can’t pretend it’s authentically yours unless you make significant changes. You don’t want your audience to see the same pieces of your content published on other websites. This will ruin your website and your authority.

However, making marked changes to PLR articles will definitely differentiate them and turn them into unique content in terms of authenticity and personality.

Using PLR articles is not cheating, whether you edit them or not. You have the right given to you by authors to do whatever you want, so play it right and use your imagination.

How to Use Private Label Rights

PLR articles that people buy (free articles do exist as well) are as common as food recipes that everyone can have. Savvy people turn them into unique posts by making hard or slight changes.

Ready for that? Let’s not waste more time

Choose your keywords

Whether before or after purchasing your article, keyword research is a must. Some people choose their keywords prior to buying PLR, they know what they are looking for specifically.

Others buy articles according to the topic, read them well, and try to sort out what keywords may work with them.

In both cases, you have to remember that it’s not only about publishing new content, but also about fulfilling users’ intents and SEO requirements.

Check for high-quality PLR articles

Choosing a quality PLR is as important as choosing a keyword you want your website to rank for. There is a lot of rubbish in the market, which is why you should take care of the following tips:

  • Buy a recently published PLR: Many PLRs were written years before and are still being sold on the net. If you buy these articles, you are risking publishing outdated information on your website. Always choose recent articles that you can easily edit and publish.

  • Choose trustworthy authors: You don’t like ending up changing all the content and wasting your time when you can write an article yourself from scratch, which becomes easier. Reputable authors help you achieve your aim of buying PLRs. They break down your writing time consumption, give you valuable content ideas, and grow your business. Search for big names in the industry like, BUYQUALITYPLR, and others.

  • Buy restricted articles: By restricted we mean that you can find many packs of articles that are restricted to a number of purchases that may vary from 20 and up. By purchasing likewise articles, you guarantee that this content will not be spread widely and you can be the first or one of the first people to publish it.

Be the cunning fox, be creative

The first rule is: don’t copy and paste whatever. You don’t want to destroy your reputation or end up penalized by search engines. You have to edit and add your own voice to keep your blog running on the same wave with the same tone.

  • Change the title: You may buy an article with a magnetic title but you should never use it whatever it is like. After doing your research and choosing your keywords, aim to write a catchy title that goes with the article, gets ranked by search engines, and also attracts traffic to your website. If you find this hard to do, read this article about how to craft catchy blog titles today.

  • Rewrite it: Back to rule #1, don’t copy and paste. Most PLR articles are 600 words on average and this gives you more chances to add content to these words in order to get a good 1000+words post. This shouldn’t be hard to do, read each paragraph, paraphrase it, use synonyms, and add your voice. Always try to get 50% uniqueness. If you find it difficult to do this task by yourself, you can simply use paraphrasing tools like Quillbot or Grammarly to help. Another tip is to use AI writers to write for you according to the topic and keywords you choose. We recommend using Writersonic Ai Writer for its plagiarism-free results and unique writing. Try it for free.

  • Add images: In addition to their big influence on SEO and user experience, adding images to your PLR is the right way to keep your readers walking on the same old route they’re used to. Add images and infographics for more uniqueness and SEO optimization needs. It is also recommended to embed videos if you can so that in addition to SEO benefits, your PLR article will get a new look under your brand name.

  • Use internal linking: After doing the above tweaks, you don’t want to keep your article orphaned. An orphaned article is an article where no links point to it. This makes it harder for google crawlers to find it since they use your website links to discover what’s inside and decide if your pages are worth indexing or not.

The first step is to link to as many relevant posts as you can. Do not spam. Then, after publishing your article, go back to your old posts and link to the new ones. This will tell Google’s bots that this post is not an orphaned page and also keep your readers hooked on reading. as a result, your dwell time will increase and your bounce rate will decrease.

If you need to know more about internal linking, read: What is internal linking and how to boost SEO with it?

What Can you do with PLR articles?

When it comes to reusing PLR articles, the sky is the limit. The great fact is that you are authorized to reuse this content the way you like and with whatever number of changes you can imagine.

The second fact is that changing these articles into different ones and creating new pieces out of them is unlimited.

We have compiled the following uses of PLR articles to help you market them easily and make the most profit from them.


Most bloggers buy PLR articles to use them as blog posts. This is also the first thing everyone is going to do. However, not only bloggers reuse them on their websites; every website owner, regardless of niche or type of business, strives for new content.

Lead magnet

A lead magnet is anything we use to attract readers or visitors to do something. You offer something to lead them to your blog or sales funnel.

Using PLR articles for creating lead magnets is a great way to save time and come up with new content ideas. You can simply turn them into short reports to entice people to sign up for your email list, as well as turn them into pop-up forms for many purposes. Besides, you can use them to create templates or landing pages for affiliate marketing and drive traffic to them. You can create a free pop-up newsletter form that allows you to save 500 email addresses.

Get your forever-free pop-up form


Picking ideas and content for your email’s subject line and body text is way easier if you have a bank of them. By using PLR articles, you will have the freedom to turn them into as many emails as you like and run A/B testing to choose which email works better. You can use these articles in all types of email marketing campaigns as long as you use your imagination to develop your pre-written articles.


PLR articles are usually sold in packs of 5, 10, or even hundreds. This means that you can get a lot of content to turn into a useful e-book or even more. Then you can sell these e-books online or offer them for free in exchange for email addresses. This could be done in the form of a pop-up newsletter or any other submission form. You can also use these books for content locking when promoting CPA offers, among many other uses. Get these articles, turn your brain into writing mode to add more content, and hit many birds with a single stone.

Series of posts

Having a bunch of articles enables you to write a series of posts that are related to each other. The significance of this method is to keep your readers coming back to see the next “episode,” thus hooking them for a long time.

Assume you have a collection of 25 articles on how to build an online business; you can create a series of posts in an interesting order that will drive traffic indefinitely. Keep these posts related, insert videos if they exist, add images, and you’re done.

Social media posts

PLR articles are a generous source when you need to come up with social media posts or quotes. Grab some content to create small posts that you can use on various platforms. Also, choose some quotes to turn into images and share them on Instagram. Link to your published posts and enjoy a rush of traffic and page views.

Where Can You Find PLR articles?

A little search on Google will lead you to numerous sites that sell PLR materials. Make sure to search for high-quality articles (re-read the related subheading above), take your time to choose wisely, and start your mission.

Get Free PLR articles

My last bonus tip for you is that you can find thousands of free PLR articles and e-books online. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Visit EzineArticles, plrplr, or freeplrdownloads and choose whatever you like.

But, you know what I need to add here.

Be careful what you choose. I understand that these are free articles and that obtaining them will not break the bank, but using them without modification is not advised because the majority of them are outdated and may contain incorrect information when compared to those in your current time.

Final thought

PLR articles are a huge source of content that you may use to get ideas for your website. They are widely available in all niches and sub-niches, and in almost everything under the sun. Buying or “borrowing” a bunch of articles will drastically decrease the time you spend on writing and help you come up with new posts according to your publishing schedule. This will help keep readers attracted to your site and drive more traffic in a short amount of time.

But after you get your articles, do not copy and paste them, but rather make some changes to ensure your newly crafted article is unique and plagiarism-free. These modifications include rewriting, adding images and videos, and adding more text.

Also, check this checklist when writing or modifying articles

There are plenty of ways to use PLR articles. Although they’re mostly used in blogs, they could also be used as emails, lead magnets, newsletters, and social media posts.

PLR articles are available to buy or download for free. You can buy a single article or a pack, or download it for free to tweak and use.

And now my last point

Always keep doing what your readers are used to finding on your blog and what they like. As a result, make certain that you can submit your PLR articles for hard editing if necessary, in order to address your audience as they deserve.

Now it is your turn to start using PLR articles as one of your methods for writing killer posts.

If you find that this was helpful, or if you have more tips to add, leave a comment below. Share it… spread the word if you enjoy being generous in helping others.


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