9 critical reasons preventing you from getting traffic


One of the most frequently asked questions on the net is, “Why am I not getting enough traffic?”

It’s really frustrating to put this much effort into writing and optimizing your posts without seeing satisfying results.

You may wait months or even years without a clear answer to this issue, but if you don’t react quickly, you are not likely to rank any of your posts on the SERPs.

Speaking of SERPs, everyone on the internet is your competitor.

The first page of the SERPs shows only ten results, and millions of people dream of having their posts there.

Why is that?

simply because they aim for organic traffic.

blog traffic

I like to quote Brian Dean, ” post and pray”.

To post and pray for something to happen and rank your posts is the most stupid decision ever.

With millions of website owners who compete with you, this is suicidal because nothing works that way.

Don’t fret.

I am here to show you what prevents you from getting traffic to your website or blog, and what unnecessary mistakes you should avoid.

Your SEO is not complete

First things first, the bedrock of a successful ranking website is search engine optimization.

It is the crane that lifts your posts and puts them within the first ten results.

But hey!

For this crane to work in a perfect way, you must check its hydraulics, oil, and stability.

In SEO terms, we need to check technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

Before you continue reading, consider this ultimate guide to on-page SEO. This will solve our first issue, which is the most important.

In case you don’t want to dive into it, which I don’t advise, here are some tips on what you should work on.

  • Set up your Google Analytics, console, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.
  • Sitemap
  • Title tags
  • internal linking
  • External linking
  • URL optimization (use this checklist)
  • HTML code
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • Content
  • UX signals

Learn how to do on-page SEO as an expert

you don’t have enough backlinks

When we talk about off-page SEO, the main factor—besides social signals—is getting backlinks.

If you look at the first results page on Google, you’ll notice that these posts come from high-authority websites with dozens of backlinks each.

To check their domain authority, the number of backlinks, and many other metrics, install a chrome extension like Ubersuggest or MozBar.

Once you are on the SERPs, you’ll notice these metrics under each result.

You may sometimes find that your post is way more valuable than some posts that rank in search engines, but it’s not ranked yet. This is because your backlinks are few and your domain authority is still low.

This will prevent you from ranking and getting organic traffic.

If you are a newbie, don’t fret, but if you are not, there’s a lot of homework to do.

How do you overcome this?

Simply by getting more backlinks, that will automatically push your post to page one.

You should get more backlinks, check who is giving you a backlink, and write more similar content to get more backlinks.

Another way is to write guest posts. There are a lot of websites that allow guest posting.

You can also find out who gave you backlinks under Google Search Console> Links >Top Linking Sites.

links in Google search console


top linking sites in Google search console

If you check which content of yours they linked to, and write another piece, there’s a big chance they’ll refer to you again.

Another way is to start commenting on others’ blogs. This may not give you do-follow links, but it is important to leave your name and website in the comments section.

When you leave a comment, don’t just say a one-word comment, leave a valuable comment to show the author that you’ve read the whole post and you have something to add.

Your keyword game is not strategic

Keywords are what people type into search engines to find answers to their questions.

If you’re not using the right keywords, no one is likely to see your posts.

But how to show up in this vast sea of results where giant companies appear at the top of the SERPs?

Are you going to compete with them? Of course not. You have no chance unless you are one of them and have this great authority.

How to solve this problem?

first, by using long-tail keywords.

For instance, if you type “what is SEO” into Google, you will find these results.

what is seo

These are top SEO experts. You can see thousands of backlinks and referrals.

You can easily notice that you have no chance to compete here since these websites and domains are old in the market and have thousands of backlinks.

Let’s see if we use a long-tail keyword like ” what is SEO marketing”

You can simply see the difference between the results from the authors, the number of backlinks, and the referrals.

Of course, we need to carefully choose a keyword with low competition before we write and publish our posts.

On the other hand, if you type ” what is SEO marketing and how does it work?” you’ll notice different results.

As you can see, more websites had the chance to rank on the top page, and what is more motivating to you is that you can see low-authority domains ranking there.

Nevertheless, if you analyze these results, you’ll find that the two factors that we can work on are your domain authority and long-tail keywords (although this is not always the case since we don’t even know how Google acts sometimes).

As for domain authority, it needs a long time to build and a lot of persistence in building links, guest posting, and many other things to do.

See how to boost ranking with link building.

Your content is not unique

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

Bill Gates

This was uttered by the great Bill Gates in 1996, and he also added the most famous words on the internet.

Content is the king

Bill Gates

I find myself speechless and incapable of adding.

No need for illustration.

However,content doesn’t stand alone for ranking.

I mean, if you write great content and throw it on the internet, it’s unlikely to rank if you don’t build it in a way to rank.

Even Shakespeare may not rank a single post if he doesn’t stick to the requirements when writing. (Only English people are allowed to strafe me.)

There is a lot to do like:

  • Using images
  • short paragraphs
  • Include proof.
  • Avoid fluffs
  • Use bold and italics to spotlight an idea.

To conclude, writing a post is something everyone can do, but writing a killer post that ranks is another thing.

Learn how to write a killer post that ranks easily.

You’re not promoting enough to get more traffic

Writing is 20% of the whole process while promoting is 80%.

This is what’s called the 80/20 rule.

Writing a great piece is useless if no one can see it.

Are you writing your biography and keeping it in a drawer? Of course not.

Are you putting a lot of effort and consuming a lot of time into writing, publishing, and praying for someone to see your posts? Nobody will see them unless you have authority.

Promoting is what sprinkles your words over the internet plate using many ways like:

Promoting is the key to your success, and that’s why you are not getting enough traffic.

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Your headlines are not clickable

Fruits are chosen for the first look, and headlines as well.

They give users the first impression of whether to click on your post or not.

Here comes your job to convince them in just a few words that your topic is worth reading by using many formulas.

Use headlines like:

  • The how-to headline
  • The ultimate guide
  • The ultimate list
  • The mistakes headline
  • The proven headline

Or even better, you can read “How to craft catchy blog titles today”

UX-users’ experience

User experience is what makes visitors hooked to your website and come back later.

It is the same when you go to a restaurant, order food, and wait for an hour until you get it, or if you get it cold. You’ll never come back again.

The same happens when someone visits your site.

He expects to find what he’s looking for in an easy, illustrative way; otherwise, he’ll bounce to another result.

Your role is to keep him engaged as long as you can and offer him a nice experience by:

  • Having a fast speed load
  • Using a lot of images
  • Using lots of headings
  • Inserting lists and bullets
  • Adding videos
  • Adding a comments section

Look at how my visitors react to my posts.

getting traffic through comments

This undoubtedly gives the impression that you have made a big effort to offer these pieces of information in a detailed way to your users.

getting traffic through comments

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Social media is the best way to getting traffic

it’s not a secret that people are spending more time on social media these days.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are visited by millions of people every day. If you’re not still active on these platforms, this is a reason why you’re not getting traffic.

Create your profiles, groups, and pages, and engage with others to get authority and build brand awareness.

Be careful not to start putting your links here and there, you’ll likely look like a salesman who’s promoting his goods.

Otherwise, comment on others’ posts, add likes and upvotes, and let it take some time; you’ll be able to promote your blog or website and have many followers and visits.

Building a presence on social media takes time, so be patient, especially when you notice that not all these platforms work the same way.

When I first created my account on Reddit, it took more than three months to get my first karma, but after I learned how to use it, I got 80x more karma in a single day and am still getting more and more.

getting traffic from social media

Email list means getting more traffic

Building an email list means building your assets.

Imagine that you have 1000 subscribers on your list, This means that you have 500 probable visitors if your open rate is 50%.

That means 500 unique visitors only from your email list.

If you haven’t started your email list yet, it’s time.

There are many companies that allow you to build an email list and send 300 to 1000 emails per month, which is good for a beginner. Later on, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Both GetResponse and ActiveCampaign are two of the best email marketing companies. Both have a free plan to start with.

What are you waiting for?


Getting traffic or not is your responsibility.

Prayers work in other places. In the internet world, angels do not exist, but rather a massive mass of people competing fiercely to succeed.

Now you know what your homework is. It starts with full optimization; enhancing users’ experiences; getting backlinks, building your email list; and promoting on social media and other platforms.

It’s your turn to tell me in the comments section, “What tips you would like to add, honestly?”

Let me hear from you.

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