How to promote your blog on Quora- free traffic


To promote your blog on Quora, first, we need to have a deep look at this gigantic platform. Then you will learn how to get free traffic.

The internet is a beautiful place, but it’s also filled with a lot of sites that are all about getting you to click on the ads and buy the services. Worse still, these ad sites are beneficial, but not everyone wants to be shoved into their clutches like a pig in a slum.

How to promote your blog on Quora

It’s important to understand that a blog is more than just an ad site. It’s also a place where people share their thoughts and ideas, an excellent way to build your following.

Learn how to build a perfect website that generates money.

By building your audience, you can start to get more followers and subscribers.

So, if you want to get people to come to your blog, you need to give them a reason to come, not clickbait.

The way that you can do this is by creating content that they will love. When you start putting your best content out there, it can drive traffic to your site.

Here’s how to find content ideas for your blog

That’s why it’s so important to understand how to get traffic to your blog and how to build a following. You can do this by creating content that people will love and promoting it on different platforms, and Quora is one to consider.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question-and-answer website that was launched by entrepreneur Jack Dorsey.

The idea behind the site originally was to promote discussion rather than just having people ask questions of other people.

While it’s been around for some time, the prominence it has risen to over the last year or so is quite surprising to most people.

Quora stats

 Quora is a valuable resource for finding out things like how to do something. A lot of people use it to find out how to do new things they want to try, like learning how to make a certain type of food or learning another language.

You can use it to ask your own questions and find the answers. By doing this, you can get a lot of people looking at your site and talking about it. Now, how do you get traffic from Quora? You can’t just throw all of your content up on Quora and expect it to get traffic.

Take a look at other traffic sources

How to promote your blog on Quora and get free traffic?

The idea is theoretically simple, you find some relevant questions to answer, give valuable replies, and attach your blog post links inside your answer.

If people like your answer, they may click your link for more details.

Did I use the adverb “theoretically”? Hell yeah

In Order to apply this theory and get the desired results, we need to set up our presence, follow the instructions, and have a clear idea about the platform, how it works and what to avoid, then I guarantee you will drive massive traffic to your business.

Let’s start with the first step.

Create the most favorable Quora profile

First things first. Setting up your Quora profile is the most important part here. Some people don’t give credibility to setting up an optimal profile, which is harmful when seeking profile authority and trust.

So, think of your profile as your business landing page so that whenever anyone sees your answer and gets what he is asking about, he may check your profile to read about your expertise and click on your blog link for more knowledge.

Let’s start by creating your profile by highlighting the seven sections in the Quora profile.

  • Your profile picture: Although it’s not LinkedIn, a professional smiling face photo is recommended to give a positive impression to the readers.
  • The Header: This should be relevant to your persona, business, and experience. Make it short and catchy.
  • Write a short description of yourself and your business. Make it sharp and to the point because it may be the first thing that visitors come across.
  • Add credentials and highlights: fill in with your education, location, etc.
  • “Knows about” section: Choose the topics that you know about and that your audience is interested in.
  • Feed: After answering more questions and engaging more with people, your feed will always show new data.
  • Connect to your social media accounts.
how to create a bio in Quora

Discover Topics and follow them

Market research is one of Quora’s best advantages.

you can find topics that are relevant to your niche, people to follow, and questions to answer.

Go to the search bar, and type any topic that you are interested in and want to use to market your business.

Quora will give you a list of suggestions, and when you click through to a topic page, you’ll be given another list of related topics to follow.

You can search for people (competitors for example), as well as blog posts by typing their names to follow them and get every new update.

You can see every new question and post in the notifications every time you log in to Quora, and you can even receive them through your email by setting up your email and notification as shown in the image.

What kind of questions should you answer?

Most beginners start asking questions once they are logged in. This is not bad for a beginner to give a signal to Quora that you are active.

The golden rule here is not to spam.

Quora is as sensitive to links as Reddit, especially affiliate links. Do not ever, if you have got authority, insert an affiliate link. Always link to a post that contains these links.

Do not insert your links as a beginner and always give valuable information otherwise do not answer.

Using links will come after you gain Quora’s trust by having many upvotes to your answers, followers, and questions, so be patient.

Remember that people can easily find answers on Google but they choose Quora to get more value.

And because we are here to talk about traffic, choosing the right answers is what we need to look for. We need to answer questions that many people are waiting for, not a single person (even though I do both things).

A question with high demand may lead to thousands of clicks to your answer and to your links.

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How to do this?

On the search bar, type a question that you have an answer to in your blog post. On the left sidebar, click on questions, then sort them by time.

The best thing to do is to choose new questions because you’ll have the chance to appear as the first one to answer, and as the English proverb says: the early bird catches the worm.

Answer Quora questions with authority.

The best thing that could happen to you is when you get authority in Quora.

You will look like a wise man that people come across to find wisdom.

Yes, don’t laugh. After a while of giving true, valuable answers, people will always send you questions to answer.

  • Let your answers be short and direct.
  • Include statistics
  • Insert an image for visual people.
  • use bullets and lists
  • Add a personal touch.
  • Be specific.

Once you write your valuable answer, insert a link to your relevant blog post, and you’ll see how many people are going to visit your site.

One last thing to mention is that you should never answer with a link alone. Your answer will be deleted by Quora.

Learn how to write a killer post.

Format your answers

People tend to get attracted to nice-looking pieces of content.

One of the main points to consider is the format of your answer. It should be nice and professional.

how to promote your blog on Quora

Add images from your blog posts or create them using Canva.

Avoid any grammatical mistakes because this will show you as an amateur with low knowledge of the subject, you can get help using Quillbot or Grammarly.

These tools will also help you use the right punctuation in the right place.

Re-answer questions of your blog posts on Quora

Every post or article is written to answer people’s queries. My post here is to answer many questions that you can see in my headings.

Let’s take a look.

  • What is Quora?
  • How to drive traffic from Quora to your website?
  • How to create a Quora profile?
  • How to do market research on Quora?
  • How to answer Quora questions?
  • How to format your answers on Quora?
  • How to re-answer questions on Quora?

As you can see, I turned my headings into questions to use on Quora.

How to do that?

Simply by typing these questions into Quora, answer them, and link back to my post here.

If you don’t find the same questions, you can ask them yourself and answer them.

Start a space

Like Facebook groups, Quora spaces are great places for people to post their articles and get upvotes, shares, and other kinds of engagement.

Create your own space and engage with people, and redirect them through your posts to your website.

How to create a space?

Quora space

Go to your profile, and you’ll see “+spaces”. Click on it, then choose a name and description for your space, then click next, and a new window will open.

When you see “add topics,” add three relevant topics to your space.

Also, participate in other spaces so that their audience will see your answers and posts, giving you more authority.

add links to promote your blog on Quora

I intentionally postponed mentioning this heading to make it a piece of advice before you start dragging traffic via Quora.

most of Quora visits come from moblie traffic

Remember and always keep in mind that:

  • People can find answers on Google, YouTube, and Facebook as well, so this is not the only place that they visit. What does this mean? It means that if you want to succeed, your answers must be valuable, and specific. Quora is not the only place, and you are not the only one there.
  • You are on Quora to show up as the best salesman, so don’t sprinkle your links whenever you answer.
  • Quora is sensitive to links, wait ten days before linking at the beginning.
  • Never use affiliate links directly, rather link your post directly to a landing page.

Analyze statistics

The last step is to view your stats every week. This process is important to see which posts are performing better so you can target similar questions or edit some answers.

Your content and stats appear when you click on your profile image. They are shown by week, by month, by year, and all time.

Keep an eye on your statistics, study them, and change your strategies to get more engagement.

promote your blog on Quora


Quora is a great place to drive traffic to your website. It is a place where millions of people land in search of answers. To drive traffic, you should establish your presence on the platform.

Always answer questions that are relevant to your niche and don’t waste your time answering questions that have nothing to do with it. leave them to others whose topics are relevant.

Remember to keep your answers short and valuable, and revise your grammar and punctuation.

Create a space, post regularly, and do not spam.

Finally, post your links where they are supposed to be. Remember that we are addressing humans, so deal with them as your family, not as customers.

Eventually, this family will do the same to you, they’ll trust you and give you more than you expect.

Are you going to promote your blog on Quora? Have you ever driven traffic from Quora to your blog? tell me in the comments section.


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