4 types of successful email marketing campaigns


This post will help you define email as a tool to communicate and get to know the types of successful email marketing campaigns to help grow your business.

Inventions of communication methods were among man’s top interests throughout history. From carrier pigeons to the Telegraph, and all the way to where technology is taking us.

Communicating with people nowadays is as simple as drinking water. The globe has become a small town thanks to many tools, and among them comes the email.

What is email marketing?

Email, or electronic mail, is a method of sending messages that goes back to the 1960s.

Although it is one of the oldest methods compared to what we have now, it still has a supreme influence on marketing.

With the presence of today’s more attractive social media platforms, most people thought that the influence of email marketing would vanish, but that was not true.

And when you know that around four billion people all over the world use email for communicating, marketing, and other purposes, you will be convinced about the importance of such a marketing channel.

So why is email still ranking all over other channels today? And why are people still using it despite the fact that there are many alternatives, such as social media platforms with a large number of tools to communicate with each other?

Simply because all people on the internet have email accounts and they check them regularly, and because you can simply send hundreds or thousands of emails to people in one click, as well as manage your campaigns, do tests, and many other options that are provided by email marketing companies.

In other words, email marketing is the act of sending messages to a large number of people for the sake of advertising and generating leads or sales.

Look at the estimated statistics for the coming years to see how progressing email marketing is.

email marketing statistics

Some points to keep in mind.

Imagine that you open your inbox one day, and you find it full of emails about companies that you may know or not. Many times, you feel frustrated and fed up with it.

that leads you to neglect these emails, unsubscribe, and delete them without looking at what’s inside.

Now think about yourself sending emails to people who you want them to open. You don’t want your emails to end up in their spam folder.

You want your sent email to appear in their inbox. So, what makes your email acceptable is knowing that you are a guest in their inbox, and you have to respect the place you visit in order to be welcomed again and again.

Thanks to AI tools that help you write stunning emails without worrying about spam and other issues

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Why is email marketing a must when you have other alternatives?

With the presence of hundreds of tools to communicate, sell, purchase, and lead, email marketing is definitely one of the most powerful tools for many reasons that relate to the benefits of this channel.

Benefits of email marketing.

1. It has a high ROI (Return on Investment)

Email marketing returns 40$ for every dollar spent. So, if you invest $10 in an email marketing campaign, you will likely get $400 in return, which is a significant value, especially with affiliate marketing campaigns.

2. It’s an operating channel to attract new customers

Email marketing is 40 times more sufficient to get new customers than Facebook or Twitter. This makes building your email list faster and easier.

3. It’s easily combined with other conversation channels

Use your opportunity to get more traffic and make your audience bigger, and send emails with your profiles on social media, platforms, SMS, or Web push notifications.

4. It helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Build content, optimize it for SEO, send it to your subscribers, get backlinked, drive traffic to your website, and start growing your business.

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5. Low cost

Email marketing is considered free when compared to other channels and their outcomes.

You only need to join a marketing platform and send as many emails as you want, in addition to many other smart tools to use in order to make your experience highly productive. You will have the ability to have your own email list and start sending emails all at once.

GetResponse offers you a free 500-user email list with unlimited emails and easy-to-configure free sign-up forms to start your business, then you can upgrade when you exceed the limit. Who cares after that?

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6. Email marketing is effective

Email marketing is highly effective in converting people who have an interest in your products or company into real customers.

This works with various types of email campaigns, especially promotional campaigns.

7. Email marketing is flexible

Email marketing is an elastic tool that you can use all over the sales funnel. When people are close to expressing interest in your product, you send them ads, promotions, and offers until they get closer to making a purchase.

Disadvantages of Email marketing

Although email marketing has supreme influence over other channels, it still has some drawbacks.

1. A need for an email list:

Email marketing is not just about sending emails to friends. You need an email list to build awareness and sell, and the more subscribers you have, the more chances you have to grow your business.

 2. Competition:

You are not the only one on the internet who is sending emails to customers. Their inboxes are full of promotional emails from people in the market. You have to be creative to convince people to open your emails first, click on them, then become your customers and stay loyal to you.

Find other ways to promote your business 

3. Regulations and rules:

In brief, you need to be aware of how to write content in your emails, how to use keywords, and how to choose words that are accepted and not considered spam.

Emails undergo a filtration process before landing in inboxes, but with AI tools, you can check the deliverability issues of your email before sending it. Big companies also help you choose your title, preview text, and body before sending to make sure your campaign doesn’t end up in spam folders.

The easiest thing is that they allow you to send a test email. Send it to your email account and see where it lands.

Overall, you need trusted platforms to deliver your emails. The best in the market are Getresponse and Activecampaign.

Types of email marketing campaigns

There are four main types of email marketing campaigns.

  • EMAIL Newsletters
  • Acquisition Emails
  • Retention Emails
  • Promotional Emails
types of email marketing

1. Email Newsletter

One of the most powerful and popular email marketing strategies is to use an email newsletter. You can use it on your website to provide visitors with helpful tools and information.

People who are interested in your content will sign up for your newsletter using their email addresses, which will be automatically added to your email list. Now you have a bunch of emails on your list, start sending them.

How to keep readers hooked on your blog

Quick reminder

You are still a guest in people’s inboxes. Try to make your emails as clean as possible. People don’t like to be bothered. Always add value by creating engaging content every time, including how-to illustrations and announcements about new services and products. Remember that it’s not always about money; people’s loyalty matters as well.

2. Acquisition Emails:

This kind of email targets people who signed up for your newsletter but have not yet been converted into customers.

By sending them attractive offers and information about your products, they will eventually become active customers.

Acquisition emails are powerful when it comes to moving the leads into the conversion funnel faster, growing your business, and driving more revenue.

3. Retention Emails:

Remember when you found something on the internet that made you highly satisfied? They asked you to rate an application or give feedback on a product you purchased, and you did it willingly.

This is the same as retention emails. You ask your customers for feedback to keep your relationship active.

Moreover, you can send offers to those who haven’t interacted with your campaign lately to keep your relationship warm. It is a highly recommended strategy to apply.

4. Promotional Emails:

Promotional emails are undoubtedly a great way to drive sales and revenue. They target subscribers with exclusive promotions and drive new products and services to them in a way that converts your offers into money.

This type of email campaign works better with targeted people rather than with cold emails. This is because you know that these people are already subscribers that may have an interest in your promotions and not random people who might not bother themselves opening your emails.


To conclude, email marketing is one of the best ways to turn your blog into a money-making machine. It is a must for beginners and experts as well. Who cares if he pays $10 when he’s likely to make $400?

With good content, a reputable company, and some work, you will change the way you think about marketing.

Email marketing has four types you need to know about and start building your business around.

Like every marketing method available, email marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. The best way comes after some time of building your brand when you start mixing many methods for better results.

This post is just to shine a spotlight on the types of email marketing campaigns for those who need some knowledge about this subject. Going in-depth is not required here and will be present later.

Until next time!

Feel free to leave a comment if you find this article helpful.


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