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Nothing seems to stop technology from amazing us every day. This is the era that makes you ask “what’s next”? AI technologies are repeatedly arriving like waves in the ocean. They were invented to help facilitate our work and our lives.

But are they doing the right job of helping us, or worse, replacing us? In this post, we are going to dive into AI writing technology and talk about one of the best tools on the market; Writesonic AI article writer.

Let’s face it: as a blogger, you are constantly coming up with new topics, content ideas, and ways to voice your opinion on anything and everything.

You want to be able to churn out quality blog posts fast. That is why so many bloggers use tools to help them write faster and more efficiently.

A lot of these tools are artificial intelligence article writer programs that are intended to make your job easier by doing the grunt work for you.

So, the question is: Are these tools worth your time and money?

Do they actually make your life easier?

Do they improve the quality of your content? Or do they just take up space in your browser?

This article will answer all of those questions for you, so you can decide whether or not Writesonic Artificial Intelligence Article Writer is right for you.

writesonic artificial intelligence writer

What is Writesonic Artificial Intelligence Article Writer?

Writesonic AI Article Writer is an article writing program that uses an algorithm to generate unique content for you.

You feed it a few pieces of information, and it will use the information and data provided to generate new pieces of content that are relevant to your niche.

This program is especially helpful for bloggers who are short on time, or beginners who need to fill their blogs with many articles fast.

Learn how to find content ideas for your blog

Using AI to write articles allows you to spend less time researching and more time doing what you love: writing engaging and helpful content for your readers.

Another benefit of using AI article writing software is that it allows you to create content for topics that are outside your area of expertise.

If you are in a niche that is super technical or if you have a very specific topic you write about, it might be difficult or impossible for you to create content that is outside those areas.

But by using AI article writing software, you can create content for any topic.

You just need to feed it with the proper keywords and it will easily do the job for you.

One last thing to mention is that you should always deal with AI writing technology as a hand to guide you, a helper rather than a writer.

Never forget the human part of yourself or your readers.

Remember that we don’t only write for eyes to read, but for minds and hearts as well.

Does Writesonic AI Writer live up to the hype?

There is always a lot of hype surrounding new technology, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and automation. People love to discuss the potential of this futuristic technology, but the reality is often different.

When it comes to the Writesonic AI Article Writer, the hype is absolutely justified. This program is amazing. It is not a crutch that will help you get by with a lower-quality article. It is a tool that will help you write better, more engaging articles faster.

Our AI has been trained on high-performing copy from the top brands. It knows what converts and how to write copy that resonates with your audience.


This program is fully customizable, and you can set it up for use on any device. It is simple to use and does not require any special knowledge or experience. Plus, you can use it for any type of blog article, including product reviews, comparison charts, guides, and listicles.

AI article writing programs are a great way to create content for your blog without spending all of your time researching and writing it.

Sign-up process

Nothing can be easier than signing up with your Google, Microsoft, or any other email account of yours. Everything in this tool is designed to simply achieve what you are doing, from signing up, to finishing your draft writing.

It’s all a matter of a few clicks and you’re done.

How to write unique content using Writesonic?

you will be amazed at how fast and easy it is to write an article using this amazing technology.

Once you choose to write an article, you are four steps away from seeing magic.

Let’s have a look.

four steps to write an article using writesonic AI writer

First, we need to feed the tool with the topic we are about to write about, I’ll choose “what is writesonic”.

Learn where to find content ideas

Then choose the language and the quality of the article.

You are given the choice to select one of four quality options:

  • Economy
  • Average
  • Good
  • Premium

Premium quality means more credits, but no plagiarism or considerable mistakes.

You can choose the number of outputs as well. This means that whatever number you choose, Writesonic will write the same number of variables to choose one from.

generate ideas in writesonic

Click generate ideas and move to the second step.

Now you have given 3 title ideas. Choose one of them or click regenerate to come up with new ideas.

Here starts step number two.

Click on “generate intros”

generate intros in writesonic AI

Then choose the intro you find suitable or regenerate it to find better results.

The next step is to generate an outline. Guess what? The subheadings of this post are chosen by writesonic.

generate outlines in writesonic AI

The last step is to generate your draft article and come up with nice and valuable content.

Writesonic AI copy

The thing I liked the most is that you can send your draft directly from the program to your WordPress directly as well as integrate it with Semrush.


Writesonic offers three plans.

  • Free trial: you are given 2500 premium words to try the tool for free
writesonic free plan

Get you free 2500 premium words

  • Short-form plan: It costs 15 dollars (or 10$ if you choose to pay annually). This plan is more suitable for short pieces like emails, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and more.
writesonic short-form plan

In this plan, you are given 12000 premium words, or 30000 good words, 60000 average quality words, or 120000 economy quality words.

  • Long-form: it costs 19$ per month (12.67$ with an annual plan). It is more suitable for bloggers, freelancers, and businesses. With this plan, you can write 19000 premium words, or 47500 good quality words, 95000 average quality words, or 190000 economy quality words.
writesonic long-form plan

You can easily mix things up and use whatever quality you want in order to save some credit when not in need.

how much 100 premium words are equal in good, average, and economy quality

Pros of using Writesonic Article AI Writer

Writesonic has a lot of advantages compared to other software with the same or close performance.

  • You can create an endless supply of content for all of your blog posts. As long as you have enough sample articles, you can keep creating new posts as often as you like.
  • Writing articles on any topic is never easier, even if it is outside your area of expertise.
  • AI article writing software can help you create more engaging and high-quality content. Believe it or not, you will not have any plagiarism issues and your topics are truly unique and valuable.
  • You can use this software on any device, so it is completely accessible to you wherever you are. This is not available with most AI writers, so whenever you are, whatever device you have, you can simply create excellent content in just 5 minutes.
  • You do not need any special knowledge or experience to use this software. You can use this program to create just about any type of blog post, including product reviews, comparison charts, guides, and listicles.
Writesonic features

Cons of using Writesonic Article AI Writer

  • AI article writing programs can only produce high-quality content if you have enough sample articles to feed them. If you don’t know what keywords to feed the program with, you may end up with another topic than intended, the quality may be low, and you may have to write your posts by hand.
  • You need to spend time finding good sample articles to train the AI article writing program.
  • You may have to read your articles more than once to ensure they are high-quality, but this is not a unique problem for AI article writing programs. Doing this process is normal, even if you write by yourself.
  • You have to be disciplined enough to use the software correctly and not waste time on unnecessary articles.
  • You have to be able to find or create articles that are relevant to your topic.
  • You have to have a topic for your articles and be able to write them, even if it is outside your area of expertise. You cannot depend totally on AI writers to write about something that you have no idea about, what if the information written is false or outdated?


What is Writesonic AI writer?

Writesonic Artificial Intelligence writer is a software that generates content for writers, bloggers, and anyone who needs help in writing. It can help you write posts, ads, emails, ebooks, and any other forms of writing.

How can I sign up for Writesonic?

Simply by using your Google, Outlook, or any other email account.

How can I write a post using Writesonic?

It takes only four steps to finish writing a post. Writesonic will:

1-Generate topic Ideas

2-Generate intros

3-Generate an outline

4-Generate a draft post.

Who owns the generated copy/post?

You do. You retain the ownership of all the copies generated in your account and have the right to use them for personal or commercial reasons.

Can Writesonic replace writers?

AI writers can undoubtedly help writers. They will not replace creative writers, but they can definitely write better and faster than most writers.

How much does Writersonic cost?

Writesonic offers a free trial plan, a short-form plan (at $10), and a long-form plan (at $15).

Should I consider using Writesonic AI writer?

If you are someone who aims for 2-3 posts per week or needs help in writing and creating charming landing pages, emails, or even eBooks to sell, then choosing WriteSonic is worth it.

Can I depend completely on AI writers to create my content?

No, you need to add your touch, correct the mistakes if found, and sprinkle your spices to get memorable content.

Does Writesonic create plagiarism-free content?

Yes, it is found that 99% of the content written by Writesonic is plagiarism-free.

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The Final Verdict: Is Writesonic AI Writing Worth It?

The biggest question you have to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to use an AI article writing program is this: do I need a hand to help me cut my writing time dramatically?

If your answer is yes, there is no better choice than using writesonic or other reputable software.

Get your free 2500 words to try the program.

If your answer is no, then why bother yourself? Write with your hands and forget about it.

After using Writesonic, it’s never been easier for me, but keep in mind that AI writers should be used to help you, not to write on behalf of you.

This post was originally written by Writesonic, but I’ve added my own sprinkles; the human touch, because I’m not addressing machines but real humans.

The last thing to mention is that I used around 900 words written by the software and I found zero plagiarism issues. This is what encouraged me to define it as the ultimate affordable AI writer.

Now it’s your turn to tell me if you use AI writers and if you find it helpful and satisfying.

I would be glad to hear from you in the comments section below.


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